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blue moon
tinkerboo wrote in simplifylife
Has anyone ever used the tips from this site before and had success? She has an interesting outlook on things...and she is big on getting rid of clutter.


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I absolutely adore FlyLady- her email tips have really inspired me to clean my house and get rid of my clutter. I think you'll really enjoy it if you sign up for her Yahoo group (it's free also!).

My mom loves Fly Lady. Even met her. Supposedly she's great.

I looked at the site, and I just find her stressful.

i use flylady.. but modified it to me..

she even says that she is just an outline.. we have to make things work for ourselves.

things were totally chaotic in my house ... combining support from Squalor Survivors and flylady and my own determination to get things back into an organized and simple peacful life i have turned things around.. still working on it bit by bit.. but i can feel the peace spreading into all areas of the house

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